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Act 1: An Interview and a Dance [Tales of Tabira]

   This pair was fascinating, to be sure.
    Granted, it was on a regular basis that she was both impressed and amazed by the unique gifts of the vibrant species of Pokémon that lived on the surface, above the waves. These two, if she had to call them exceptions, were such in the most positive light.
She had known of the Zorua and Zoroark's lineage and ability to use illusions to cast a disguise over themselves, but it was quite another thing entirely to see it firsthand, let alone with such a skilled technician of the art! In their dance, Noir had begun by casting his power over the stage, transforming its image from painted wood to polished silver and gold, the set pieces being replaced by a lifelike image of a beautiful castle.
    And then he changed himself, taking on the appearance of Jasminami before the two curtsied to each other, as though one were looking at themselves in a mirror. She fou
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|ToT || IceCream || Sea Search || Part 5|
Perhaps it was the way Fain had said it that had pushed Napoleon off guard. Her defenses were lowered dramatically after the fact she nearly drowned, and a Pokémon saying she was strong of all things on top of that would certainly throw her for a loop. The simple fact of the matter was, it came so far out of left field that it ended up smacking Napoleon upside the head and leaving her dazed and confused on the ground.
"Strong?" The Cranidos puffed her chest out slightly. Disbelief was evident in the way she deflated not soon after. "Pfft. I appreciate your flattery, but uh..." Her voice cracked off. God damnit! How do you respond to that? She couldn't just say they were wrong... could she? "...Thanks." Napoleon’s eyes trailed away to look at the calm waters rocking the boat gently. She found her face was rather warm against her claws. With a small huff she turned her head back to the Zigzagoon. She wouldn't be thrown off like that again! This was her boat and she had control
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Disaster Falls Part 2 - Team Premonition
    The world itself seemed to press in on him, like his very existence there was an offense to someone.
    He slowly picked himself up and looked around.
    There was nothing. Just a blank, white void where he couldn't even tell what counted as floor, where there were walls. If there was a sky. Not that he really needed to question WHERE he was. He was in the realm of Disaster.
    Most would have thought of it as being a much more ominous place. To Jace, the pressure around him was enough to demonstrate that visuals weren't everything. He didn't need to see the sort of horrors that most would expect to see in a place with that name.
    He hated it here.
    And the source of his unhappiness waited behind him, silent but for low, raspy breaths. He turned, hearing the clicking of his claws echo in his ears, not unlike they had been underground just before he passed out. There it was, a big, hulking black creature in the
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Disaster Falls Part 1 - Team Premonition
   Once the announcements had been made as to what the guilds would be doing, Jay rushed off into town, leaving the teams of the Roaring Icebergs to their own devices. Jace himself was only left to survey the damage - it was astounding. What could have caused this?
    He realized that he only came from a small village, and didn't have much knowledge in the ways of building and construction, but the idea of having homes in an area where the earth gave out underneath and made all the buildings above topple over... it made him uneasy. Maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to ask these "Hive" folks to give him and Twerp a place to stay.
    He shook his head. You're not being fair, Jace. True, the larger buildings were in bad shape, but he had seen a few smaller homes which belonged to guild members scattered here and there - some had even run in to make sure their belongings were okay at the first opportunity, so he could tell that th
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Team Ice Cream Cone by Zero-Zivan Team Ice Cream Cone :iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 7 10
Jasminami's 8 Facts
Tagged by :iconKen-the-Eagle:
for Jasminami the Mienfoo (with cameo comments on :iconKatterboxes: Noir the big black handsome fox!)
ALSO Katters has done her own 8 Facts on Noir which you can see here! 

 1.)   Post the rules 
 2.)   Post 8 facts about your character.
 3.)   Tag 8 other characters.
 4.)   Post their names along with their creators’.
1. Jasmine is an only child and the prodigy of her bloodline. It's in the Cenoreilles history to be a purebred lineage of trained dancers. As such, Jazz was raised to dance from an early age and is very talented. (She could probably WRECK SOLEIL ON THE DANCE FLOOR! :P)
2. Jasmine's decision to join a guild was totally the fault of a snobby person who commented that she never had a life outside of the theater and wouldn't know how to properly fend for herself. Although offended at the time, Jazz decided they ha
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The Reformed Wrongdoer Part 2 - Team Tinker
    Berry darted away with a startled cry - knowing enough to avoid being hit by attacks based in water at all costs - and managed to grip onto the stalagmite of hard bits of floor nearby.
   Opal hopped out of the way and onto a chunk of ice that was already melting from the solid surface it had been before. He wobbled slightly as he regained his footing then growled up at the opponent. This was the dividing line between full blown diva-explosion and calm-collected Vulpix. His fur frizzed as his skin prickled and muscles tensed.
    He was at a disadvantage but he could use his Aurora Beam, Icy Wind, Hex or Confuse Ray if there was an opening to do so. For now, he figured his best place would be near the ground. He’d keep creating icy platforms while he still had the energy to do so but that wouldn’t last forever.
    Nina’s tail was too small for Jaina to stand on comfortably with her there so she couldn’t
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The Reformed Wrongdoer Part 1 - Team Tinker
   "...In light of the number of convicts that have escaped, we will need to divide our efforts to recapture them. " Nuri raised a claw, pointing out different teams and directing them toward different areas of the city while explaining what sorts of criminals to watch out for. "...And remember, do your best not to interfere with the Roaring Icebergs. As much as I'd like to see Jay flounder, we are not here to waste time and see the locals get hurt."
    When all was said and done, every team had been sent off to work except for theirs.
    "Um... excuse me ma'am, but... what about us?" Berry piped up.
    Nuri turned toward her and nodded. "Not to worry, Berry, I haven't forgotten you. In light of what's happened recently, I believe it will be best to send you both with a partner. Unfortunately, I was intending that it be myself or Wren, but with the amount of destruction to the city, we can't afford to stay in one place for too l
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Mature content
Mountainfall Part 2 - Team Tinker :iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 5 24
Mountainfall Part 1 - Team Tinker
   It had been a few days since Barrik's games had ended and the guild members were left to their own devices. Seb was left wondering just what had happened in that time - she hadn't seen hide nor hair of the head guild leaders in that time. For Nuri, that sort of thing made a bit more sense. She was one to research and prepare. Jay, on the other paw, loved to find adventure as quickly as possible. The idea of him holing up somewhere was inconceivable.
    Her teammates, and several other guild members, were gathered inside the library that served as Neve Town's central hub. As quiet as it was, the members of teams both blue and red were talking among themselves about things she could only guess. Most were in a good mood. Darwin's aura shone more brightly, probably because he was currently having the time of his life! After knocking down a glass of some of the nasty stuff he called a "drink", he patted her on the back as he said something to Berry. "...wait unt
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[COLLAB] Goatie Tease by Zero-Zivan [COLLAB] Goatie Tease :iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 1 0
Pas de Deux ToT Written Application
Team Title Pas de Deux
Joined 05/24/2017

--Keepers Rep:          Rank:
--Trackers Rep:         Rank: 
--Scholars Rep:         Rank: 
--Artisans Rep:         Rank: 

Jasminami Cenoreilles

Young Adult / Adult           Female
Wears a lavender shawl from her neck to her shoulders and eyeliner to match. Although this segment of her fur is normally covered, she has slightly different patterns along her neck and chest than in regular Mienfoo, resulting from her long purebred family line.
She is a bold girl, somewhat vain, sometimes to the point of being full of herself. Having been raised in a household where she's practically
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Team Pas de Deux - First Impressions - ToT intro

    It still being morning in Tabira, the halls of Theatre Vagary were well lit under the bright light cast by the sun, and warm enough to encourage a nap. Most of the Pokémon who weren't cleaning the walls and ceilings or setting up the stage were early-bird patrons waiting for the next show to begin in a few hours. Overall the place was as cheerful as its bright and artful exterior announced itself to the rest of the town.
    Amid the few Pokémon still moving about, a Mienfoo strode purposefully toward the back of the building, in the direction of the management office, with her head held high. Even without seeing her face on posters in the grand hall, one could tell from the way she carried herself that she was someone important, at least in that theater. She greeted no one unless they greeted her first, her attention plainly on where she was going. Though, when at last she stopped in front of the do
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P2MD: Local Trouble
    Sunny the Altaria was not one for taking to the skies, unlike her other feathered kin. She much preferred to travel through the streets of Lacasta City on foot, amongst all the other Pokémon living together. Being able to share her life with so many others, and to have them be a part of hers, filled her with joy!
    It was with that thought in mind that she stopped in front of Taton's First-Rate Furniture, one of the many shops in th Residential District.
    Technically this was a business call, but Sunny hated to think of it any differently than if she were visiting a friend. After all, if she couldn't treat those she worked with like friends and family, what sort of a leader would she be?
    Taton himself was at the side of his shop (which he insisted on calling "the back", as it was the only other door into his shop), standing under the awning and looking out into the alley that cut past the street out front int
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Day Zero - P2MD Mission Zero Pt. 2
   Corbin gasped when the piston arm of some sort of punching machine lurched out into the track and slammed into his belly. The monkey dropped instantly, holding himself like it would help stop the pain.
    Ruth laughed and called out to him, "Come on Corbin, you know how to dodge!"
    The course was actually smaller than she had expected - it only covered the front quarter of the castle, from what she could tell. Not that she would have run it by herself. Luck was with her this time, as she was able to spot a Smeargle who was waving her tail around with one paw while chanting about how easy getting through a course like this would be.
    She was happy to oblige when Ruth suggested adding a little more challenge to it by having the Pichu ride along on her back.
    "Your buddy's not the best fighter, is he?" the Smeargle, who had introduced herself as Noir, asked with a brief look over her shoulder at Ruth, grinn
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Day Zero - P2MD Mission Zero
    The bustle of the market had reached full swing as the sun shined its light down onto the citizens of Lacasta City, the rush of midday encouraging everyone to be out and active. It was here that many felt at home, and the Panpour who manned the fruits stall near the center of the marketplace was no exception.
    "Thank you, come again!" his gentle voice piped out over the jingle of crystals as a Spoink made her purchase of a particularly fat and juicy Watmel Berry.
    Business had been going well that day - at times when the streets were flooded with as many Pokémon as they were right now, it was almost a guarantee that he'd be able to make some good business here. It made him unhappy with the idea of giving up time and business here in the market for things like adventure and risk.
    And just as that thought had crossed his mind, he noticed a familiar Pichu with a vibrant red lily poking out of her tufted mane approac
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Perilous Pits Pg3 by kazzlekat Perilous Pits Pg3 :iconkazzlekat:kazzlekat 5 5 T17.2: Times past by Yakalentos T17.2: Times past :iconyakalentos:Yakalentos 17 4 Gatomon 3 by Fridgeot Gatomon 3 :iconfridgeot:Fridgeot 10 3 Team Northern Nova || Tales of Tabira by picachuyou Team Northern Nova || Tales of Tabira :iconpicachuyou:picachuyou 12 2 Cecil's Family pg. 7 by Novern Cecil's Family pg. 7 :iconnovern:Novern 13 6 Intermission 5 - cameos by Flavia-Elric Intermission 5 - cameos :iconflavia-elric:Flavia-Elric 20 14 T17.1: Times past by Yakalentos T17.1: Times past :iconyakalentos:Yakalentos 30 5 Perilous Pits Pg2 by kazzlekat Perilous Pits Pg2 :iconkazzlekat:kazzlekat 7 6 Shiver me Timbers by Calitrix Shiver me Timbers :iconcalitrix:Calitrix 4 6 [TOT] An Interview and a Dance Banner by katterboxes [TOT] An Interview and a Dance Banner :iconkatterboxes:katterboxes 5 0 Instinct Awakened - MISSION 3 Pg 13 by TeeterGlance Instinct Awakened - MISSION 3 Pg 13 :iconteeterglance:TeeterGlance 18 15 Puppy Pokemon by kenket Puppy Pokemon :iconkenket:kenket 532 25 Brush Time by TamarinFrog Brush Time :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 955 93 Perilous Pits Pg1 by kazzlekat Perilous Pits Pg1 :iconkazzlekat:kazzlekat 12 8 Team Stovefire | Monsters in caves P13 by Tecsinom Team Stovefire | Monsters in caves P13 :icontecsinom:Tecsinom 5 11 Team Stovefire | Monsters in caves P12 by Tecsinom Team Stovefire | Monsters in caves P12 :icontecsinom:Tecsinom 4 2


My absolute favorite thing about this is the wings. My God, those are beautiful! You did an incredible job in making cuts to give them ...


A little deer who knows how to draw!
[TOT] An Interview and a Dance Banner by katterboxes
   This pair was fascinating, to be sure.

    Granted, it was on a regular basis that she was both impressed and amazed by the unique gifts of the vibrant species of Pokémon that lived on the surface, above the waves. These two, if she had to call them exceptions, were such in the most positive light.
She had known of the Zorua and Zoroark's lineage and ability to use illusions to cast a disguise over themselves, but it was quite another thing entirely to see it firsthand, let alone with such a skilled technician of the art! In their dance, Noir had begun by casting his power over the stage, transforming its image from painted wood to polished silver and gold, the set pieces being replaced by a lifelike image of a beautiful castle.

    And then he changed himself, taking on the appearance of Jasminami before the two curtsied to each other, as though one were looking at themselves in a mirror. She found herself enthralled throughout the entire performance as it progressed, with the true Jasminami demonstrating a lovely ability to use the ribbons in her paws as extensions of herself, creating an array of shapes and patterns while Noir danced around her freely, occasionally darting through the twirling pink tendrils like a single Wishiwashi avoiding the grasping tentacles of a Tentacruel.


    All too soon, it felt like the show had ended. Topaz knew better than to regret it, though; enjoying a good performance was like a fine dessert; one that was small, but wonderful all the same.

    In retrospect, she hadn't been to the Cenoreilles family theater in a while, at least a month! It would definitely be worth her time to stop by there again; as nice as it was to see Jasmine performing in a private performance, not much could compare to the wider space and finer furnishings of Theatre Vagary.

    Still, that couldn't stop her from offering her support for the dedication and talent Jasmine had shown them then and there. "Bravo, you two!" she cheered, applauding the performers. "It was a real treat being able to see you up on stage again, and your partner is a wonderful dancer as well!"

    "I know someone has promise when I see it." Jasmine offered a polite, gentle smile. It was just like her; the prodigy of an esteemed theater would certainly be keeping up the appearance.

    Noir allowed his illusory copy of Jasmine to fade, once again reverting to his original figure towering over her, and descended the step leading up to the front stage with her paw in his larger hand. His smile was much wider than hers; it looked like he was basking in the limelight.

    "For lack of better words, the two of you have an impressive set of talents!" Chandra spoke up. The Lanturn floated up from the seat she had been occupying, calling on her magnetism to repel herself from the floor. "Might I trouble you for a quick study?"

    Topaz wasn't able to keep her own knowing smile from spreading over her face. It wasn't hard at all to see that Chandra had been enthralled by their show, as she so often was with the cultures of non-seafaring races. Though, to be fair, Topaz herself was impressed to see what Noir did up on the stage, and was just as suprised the first time she had seen Jasmine in action.

    The Zoroark's grin got even wider as he departed from the stage with his partner and bowed to the Scholars leader. "For a lovely lady like yourself? It's no trouble at all~" he hummed.

    Topaz contained a chuckle at the theatrics. Thinking about it now, she actually would like to stay and talk a bit with Jasmine as well; it had been quite some time after all since they last spoke. The Scholar leader was eager to ask questions about Noir's display of illusions and the stellar focus the two demonstrated, while Topaz did what she could to catch up on lost time and politely learn a bit more about Jasmine's new partner.

    "Excellent!" Chandra began. "To begin, this illusionary technique is famous among the species of Zorua and Zoroark but you seem to have mastered it into, well, an art! What sort of training did you undergo to hone such a technique?"

    Topaz couldn't be certain of it as Noir glanced at Jasmine, his gaze turning away from them, but she thought she might have seen his smile disappear in the blink of an eye. If it had, though, it was right back on his face in the next split-second. "Well, that's a trade secret, of course. True to form, the illusion ability is passed to me by inheritance.  I suppose it just takes an eye for art to mold the clay, so to speak.

    "I aspire to enhance my skills as a dancer and performer which is why I became acquainted with my lovely partner Jasminami." He looked at the Mienfoo seated next to him and gestured with a flourish. "She, herself, is already a skilled dancer and I could only hope to learn from her as we move further within the guild."

    "Oh, you will. I'll make certain of that, Noir," Jasmine promised.

    "I couldn't suggest a finer teacher than Jasmine to help you learn!" Topaz smiled, pleased by the Zoroark's support of his tutor and his general positivity.

    "...Especially when she was taught well by her own parents. How are they doing, by the way, Jasmine?"

    Jasmine smiled, turning her eyes up thoughtfully. "For the most part, father is doing well. He had reservations about my signing on with the Tabira guilds, but I know this will be for the better for me, and he'll realize that in his own time. It's been somewhat busier at the Vagary since mother is away - Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mention that she left on a trip to Glory's Peak. Something of a goodwill trip, to share her dances on the other side of the country."

    "It wouldn't be the first time, or the last I'm sure." Topaz knew a life much like Jasmine's in that respect; her own parents loved to travel as well, and it was from them she inherited her current position. Not that she was unhappy with it; rather she was proud of the chance to take on responsibility as well as having the power to welcome artists like she was once, creative minds who were just beginning to blossom. She could tell that Jasmine was beginning that journey as well.


    "You were taught to dance by your parents then, Jasminami?" Chandra prompted.

    "Yes, my father - Pietre Cenoreilles, and my mother, Thalassa Vfahn are both renowned dancers from Rubias. My family has been trained to dance for generations, and I've learned a lot from both of them, and through them my grandparents. Father found his calling with concert dancing, and mother was always fond of the traditional dances she learned in Rubias. A lot of what I performed on stage here with my ribbons was inspired by her lessons."

    Fascinating! So then, at least a fair share of Jasminami's part of the act was referenced from the culture of Rubias. While not necessarily a matter of being a Pokémon's natural ability, she did still find herself hoping to find out more. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to devote some time to research the settlement in the southern region of Tabira!

    "That does make me think of something else I'd like to ask you, but before I forget it I really should ask Noir about this - Jasminami has learned quite a lot from her family; can you tell me anything about yours? To have such an exceptional skill must mean your parents were quite capable teachers as well."

    The Zoroark let out a quick, strangled breath as though he had been struck. He did appear surprised; Chandra hoped she hadn't offended him!

    "Parents? I'm sorry, I must have given the wrong impression. I meant to say..." he scratched at his thick hair. "Well, when I say 'inherited' I mean I was born that way. Everything you saw on stage, I taught myself." He glanced at the other two, first Topaz and then Jasminami, his grin no longer reflected by the look in his eyes. "Self-taught artist, I suppose you could say! Haha... But enough about me, I'm curious: what was it you wanted to ask Jasmine?"

    Although she was still relatively new to Tabira, Chandra was still enough in her right mind to realize when she had caused someone discomfort. As leader of the Scholars, she had to respect when pursuit of knowledge took second standing to respect of one's privacy.
"Of course," she smiled as warmly as she could manage, then turned her eyes on Jasminami. "Noir's natural ability is something that is plain to see in action, but yours I was not able to discern right away. Is there anything at work while you are on stage that helps you to perfect your performance?"

    The girl allowed a flicker of dissatisfaction to cross her features. Chandra was beginning to worry that she may be pressing the two youths a bit hard.

    "There's nothing more than training and practice that helps me to achieve the best in my performances," she said. "I doubt I'll be put in a position where my ability will come into play while I'm on the stage, but when I was young we learned that I have a sense of focus that shuts out any distractions, even ones like sharp noises or pain."

    The Inner Focus ability... certainly one that would be valued even outside of combat, and possibly even more attributed to Jasminami's focus on-stage than she realized! But it would be rude of her to press the subject. Though she would have loved to learn more, it was clear that it would be for the best for her to excuse herself.

    "I see. Thank you very much for your time, Team Pas de Deux," she offered a fin as she began to levitate herself once more from her chair. "This has been enlightening. And I truly look forward to seeing you spread good works for Tabira and beyond."

    "And so do I!" Topaz, too, stood up and shook the two new guildmates' hands. "Thank you for giving us the time to say hello."

    "It was a pleasure as always, Topaz." Jasminami looked pleased. "Please tell Kassi and Fleurir hello for me!"

    "I absolutely will."

    Chandra opted to wait to depart the performing arts center along with Topaz; she felt a need to share her thoughts and perhaps get some insight from the more emotional, motherly Simisear. As Noir began to murmur quietly to his partner something about her meeting with her role model (earning him a hush from the Mienfoo), Chandra began to channel her magnetic field into a rocking motion, allowing her to float forward alongside Topaz.

    "I fear I may have pushed a boundary a bit too far," she began.

    "Well, the first time was an honest mistake, but it did sound a little rude to suggest that Jasmine had help to make her job easier than it would have been for other Pokémon in the same line of work." Topaz smiled sadly, giving her a look that spoke of patience with her, and sympathy for the other party.

    "Hmm. Statistically, it's quite possible. But I respect that they have feelings."

    "Exactly. But now you've got me curious; what do you think of their chances in the guilds?"

    Chandra broke her line of sight with Topaz to peer down the street at the others who travelled the road along with them. There were countless breeds with varying histories, talents and lives out and about, and the two members of Pas de Deux were no exception to this fact. But they were now in a line of work that led to a variety of tasks, in which they would be expected to adjust and grow.

    "I believe that they bring something unique and valuable to the proverbial table," she said. "Vander may place value in the physical labor that comes with the territory of guild work, but that is only a portion of what our duties entail. Noir and Jasminami carry with them a rich history in the arts and an inherent knowledge of their gifts that represent what you and I foster in our branches of Tabira's guild. As I told them, I look forward to seeing their growth in the future."

    "I agree!" Topaz looked very pleased, and Chandra wouldn't have resisted being able to share in that sentiment.
:icondear-deerr: tagged me the lil' blighter
I was right this was rough, but more because I really need to get in bed and now I will do that
Tricky scrolling through all the Pokemon by type online to make sure I wasn't missing any!

I decided to impose my own rule and arrange these by order of favorite to least-favorite top choices.

1. Repost the rules.
2. Select the Pokémon you would put on the corresponding mono-type team.
3. The Pokémon's primary typing must correspond with the category. For example, Venusaur can't be under the poison type section. (Flying types are exempt from this rule.)
4. No legendaries allowed.
5. Tag 5 people.

  • Typhlosion
  • Blaziken
  • Ninetales
  • Rapidash
  • [Zen Mode] Darmanitan
  • Flareon
  • Seadra
  • Milotic
  • Tentacruel
  • Lanturn
  • Buizel
  • Staryu

  • Serperior
  • Breloom
  • Cacturne
  • Lilligant
  • Grovyle
  • Meganium

  • Persian
  • Pidgeot
  • Lopunny
  • Girafarig
  • Linoone
  • Furret

  • Ariados
  • Scizor
  • Shedinja
  • Galvantula
  • Scolipede
  • Beedrill

  • Emolga
  • Electrike
  • Ampharos
  • Blitzle
  • Heliolisk
  • Jolteon

  • Gardevoir
  • Abra
  • Musharna
  • Reuniclus
  • Gallade
  • Unown

Steel (scraping the bottom of the barrel)
  • Aggron
  • Klinklang
  • Aron
  • Mawile
  • Metagross
  • Doublade

  • Haunter
  • Chandelure
  • Duskull
  • Yamask
  • Banette
  • Misdreavus

Dragon (scraping the bottom of the barrel)
  • Dragonair
  • Dratini
  • Goodra
  • Druddigon
  • Haxorus
  • Garchomp

  • Mightyena
  • Absol
  • Liepard
  • Sableye
  • Weavile
  • Bisharp

  • Lucario
  • Mienshao
  • Mienfoo
  • Makuhita
  • Medicham
  • Conkeldurr

Fairy (for the record, I hate that this type exists AND am scraping the bottom of the barrel xD)
  • Clefairy
  • Togetic
  • Spritzee
  • Togekiss
  • Clefable
  • Cleffa

Ice (scrape scrape)
  • Ninetales [Alolan]
  • Vulpix [Alolan]
  • Snorunt
  • Castform [Snowy]
  • Cubchoo
  • Vanillite

  • Cradily
  • Tyranitar
  • Golem
  • Lunatone
  • Solrock
  • Onix

Flying (FREEEDOOOMMMMM to pick whatever I want without primary typing hee hee hee hee)
  • Swellow
  • Pidgeot
  • Emolga
  • Scyther
  • Taillow
  • Noibat

  • Arbok
  • Seviper
  • Ekans
  • Salazzle
  • Salandit
  • Crobat

  • Flygon
  • Sandslash
  • Marowak
  • Claydol
  • Vibrava
  • Trapinch

If they want to do this, I tag :iconkatterboxes:, :iconicyangel12:, :iconwoooper:, :iconnautical-mile:, :iconpicachuyou:, :iconalora-of-hearts:, :iconsasscannon:, :iconlilyarcondas:


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A pony fan who also happens to enjoy writing sc-fi. Put 'em together, and you'll have my first FiMfic, "Origins of Sunny Town". Read it here or out on EQD or FIMfiction.

You can also visit my page here or on Tumblr (,, and to ask the characters anything you want!



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I shall drink to your health on your birthday!

Beer before Liquor; will get you sickerDrunk:iconbudweiserplz::iconwineplz::iconpintplz::iconwhiskeyplz::iconmargaritaplz::iconjackdanielsplz::iconchampagneplz::iconmartiniplz::iconheinekenplz:::iconrumplz:Efes Pilsen Bottle Efes Pilsen - Animated 2 Yeni Raki Efes Pilsen Can Emoji| Beer Marmara Gold Kulup Rakisi Istanblue Efes Malt Jack Lives here Emote :vodkala: Tekirdag Rakisi Bazooka Altinbas Raki Tekel Birasi Lokka champagne Glass 1 Jim beam Emote [RT] Whiskey Wicca Glass Of Wine Emoji :winela: Wine Icon mini Wine Bottle Green [RT] Babilonian Wine :beercontest: Beer Emoji :cheers3: ChibiChelita

Bacardi Icon big Bacardi Icon Bacardi Icon mid Bacardi Icon mini Bacardi Icon ultraminiEfes Malt Beer Corona Extra Emote BeerMug Cheers :beer: Beer Mug Perv Thrusting Cheers fella white-wine (party) Cheers with Champagne Emoticon :vodka: :DrunkBummy: Drunk Revamp Love Drunk Avatar for bloodmartini      :icondrunkplz:

Or non-alcoholic if you prefer that!
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Haha, whatever's low in alcohol works for me! But that seems like a LOT of drinks either way! :P
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Happy peck

Birthday peck

I'm going to end your life by how many times old you are
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Happy Birthday! ᵔ.ᵔ…
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Thank you and Pinkie too!
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You're welcome! (◠‿◠✿)
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